Office of the Registrar


The Examinations and Records Unit is under the headship of a Deputy Registrar and was established following the breakup of the Academic Affairs Division into two separate Units i.e. Examinations and Records Unit and the Senate Matters and Admissions Unit on 14th January, 2008.

The Exams and Records Unit is further divided into three (3) sub-units namely:

  • Examinations sub-unit;

  • Records and Transcript sub-unit and

  • Students’ Statistics sub-unit.

  • The Examinations and Records Officer is responsible to the Registrar for the day to day administration and coordination of the Unit and has the following responsibilities:

    • The administration and conduct of all University examinations and issuance of students’ results and transcripts;

    • Up-dating regulations on and procedures of University examinations;

    • Custody of all examination question papers and issuing them out to Chief Invigilators as stipulated in the guidelines;

    • Distribution of examination materials for University examinations;

    • Clearance of final year students leaving the University;

    • The printing, writing, safe-keeping and issuance of all University certificates;

    • Preparation of lecture and examinations Time-tables in liaison with the representatives of Schools on University Time-table Committee;

    • Secretary to the University Time-table Committee;

    • Compilation of Invigilators Time-table;

    • Identification and physical arrangement of examination halls, in liaison with members of the Examinations Time-table Committee;

    • Arrangement with the Director of Health Services for the provision of medical services during the examinations;

    • Attending Schools’ Boards (Board of Studies) of Examiners’ meetings;

    • Processing of cases of examination malpractices for the attention of Senate and the appropriate Disciplinary Committee;

    • Handling of University Scholarships Matters;

    • Issuance of academic transcripts to graduates;

    • Issuance of semester and end-of-session results to all students and notification of same to their sponsors;

    • Verification of transcripts and certificates;

    • Writing of reference letters for FUTA graduates seeking employment or assistance outside the University;

    • Computerization of past students’ records;

    • Verification of students’ ‘O’ Level as well as ND results;

    • Supervising the system programmer who handles:

      • the evaluation/analysis of existing data/record systems and designing, programming and implementation of automated ones;
      • Design/maintenance of data base of students enrolment statistics, examination records etc;
      • Validation, optimization, fine-tuning and supervision of all data processing activities in the Division.