The Federal University of Technology, Akure was established in 1981 by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The administration of the University commenced earnestly with the appointment of late Professor Theodore Francis Idibiye as the pioneer Vice-Chancellor of the University on 19th November, 1981.

Upon his assumption of duty in January, 1982, the Vice Chancellor, having known the essence and inestimable value of the Registry, coupled with the need to put the new varsity on the right footing, made some consultations and appointed Mr. A. O. Ogunruku as the first Administrative Officer on 12th January, 1982. This marked the humble beginning of the University Registry.

By July 1982, the Governing Council of the University, under the chairmanship of the late High Chief (Dr) Akin-Deko, had appointed the Principal Officers of the University. The late Dr John A. Osanyinbi was appointed Academic Registrar while Dr Benedict I. C. Ijomah was appointed as Director of Administration. Dr John A. Osanyinbi became the pioneer Registrar of the University in 1983 and served meritoriously till 1990.

The Act establishing the University statutorily recognized the position of Registrar. According to the Federal Universities of Technology Act 2004 CAP. F23 provides that:

There shall be for each University, a Registrar, who shall be the Chief administrative officer of the University and shall be responsible to the Vice Chancellor for the day-to-day administrative work of the University except as regards matters for which Bursar is responsible in accordance with paragraph 6(2) of this schedule.

The person holding the office of the Registrar shall by the virtue of that office be Secretary to the Council, the Senate, Congregation and Convocation and their Committees for which he/she may appoint officers to act on his/her behalf.

The Registrar is by virtue of his/her position required to ensure an effective and efficient process of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, controlling and feedback to perform the enormous responsibilities bestowed on the Registry.

To ensure that the Registry carry out its services effectively and efficiently, a lot of restructuring has been carried out since its inception. The directorate system which many universities in the country have adopted actually started in the Registry of the Federal University of Technology, Akure. The present divisions in the Registry are as follows:

  • Office of the Registrar
  • Directorate of Establishments and Human Resource
  • Directorate of Academic Affairs
  • Senate Matters and Admissions Office
  • Examinations and Records Office
  • Council Affairs and General Administration
  • Students Affairs Division
  • Archival Unit
  • Schools/Centres/Departments/Units Administration The Registry is filled by committed, loyal and articulate staff. The Registry is well applauded for succession training, on-the-job training, development of its staff and mentorship programmes for the upcoming career administrators. The riches of the quality endowed in the University Registry has been demonstrated by the appointment of some of the FUTA Registry staff as Registrars of other universities. The philosophy of the Registry is anchored on the accolade of hardwork, discipline, loyalty, commitment and development of its staff and the University as a whole.