Office of the Registrar


Since the inception of the Federal University of Technology, six (6) dignified individuals have held the leadership of her Administration. This includes an Acting Registrar and three (3) past Substantive Registrars and an incumbent Substantive Registrar. Below are their names and respective years of tenure of service.

  • Dr. John A. Osanyinbi served as a Substantive Registrar from 1983 to 1990.

  • Mr. Babtunde A. Adebayo served as the second Substantive Registrar from 1990 to 1999.

  • Mr. William Attoye served as an Acting Registrar from 1999 to 2001.

  • Dr. (Mrs.) Eunice F. Oyebade also served two terms as a Substantive Registrar from 2001 to 2011.

  • Dr. (Mrs.) Modupe O. Ajayi was the 4th Substantive Registrar who served from June 2011 to May 2017.

  • Mr. Richard Adeyinka Arifalo is presently serving as the 5th Substantive Registrar. He took up this leadership position in June 2017 and still acting in that capacity.