The Archival Unit was established as the record documentation arm of the Registry in April 2013. The Registry is the custodian of all records of the University from inception to the present and to a distant future. To ensure that all the records of the University are intact and up-to-date, the Archival Unit is saddled with the responsibility to document and keep all the University records and keep them in digital format. The Unit is also serving as a museum for the Registry and the University at large.


The main objective of the Unit is to collect, acquire, preserve all publications by and relating to the Federal University of Technology Akure in all ramifications and to make the materials available for researchers and posterity.

The Unit have a well-established relationship with all the schools, departments, directorates and units etc., materials published by them are sent to the Archival Unit as soon as they are published. Below are the objectives of the Unit in the last years:

  • Receipt and archiving of Inaugural Lecture Series 109 to 113.

  • Archiving of portraits of past Visitors to the University, Chairmen of Governing Council, Vice Chancellors, Registrars, group photographs of Council Members and pictures of VIPs who visited the University.

  • Taking inventories of archived materials to identify missing gaps in terms of documents that were yet to be submitted to the Unit from other Units in the University

  • Sorting, rearrangement and profiling of archived materials (soft copies)

  • Creation of files on all subject matters in the Unit.

  • File indexing of all subject matters in the Unit.

  • Receipt and archiving of latest editions/volumes of FUTA News Magazine

  • Updating of records of archived documents with newly archived materials

  • Information on past Vice-Chancellors, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, Registrars, Bursars, University Librarian, Deans, Heads of department, Professors, Directors of centres etc.


    The unit has been able to archive some University's Materials and Documents. Some of which are stated below:

  • Federal republic of Nigeria official gazette on: The Universities (Miscellaneous provision Amendment) Act 2003

  • FUTA Foundation day lecture


  • FUTA VISION FUTA (Office of the Registrar Digest of staff

  • FUTA Bulletin and Newsletter

  • FUTA Career and Admission Requirements Brochure

  • FUTA Condition of service

  • Reviewed Schemed of Service of employees

  • FUTA Digest of Decision

  • FUTA Magazine & News

  • FUTA Prospectus (P.G.S)

  • FUTA’s Giant Strides and Annual report (vol. 4,5,6)

  • Some of Registry Annual Llecture series

  • Revised Registry Manual

  • FUTA Designation and schedule of duties for Universities staff

  • FUTA Senate Decisions

  • Students Handbooks

  • Federal Universities of Technology Act

  • Schools' Annual Lectures

  • Undergraduates Matriculation database

  • FUTA Admission Guidelines

  • Agreement between Federal Government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities

  • FUTA Compedium of Senate Decisions

  • FUTA Inaugural lectures Series

  • FUTA Students Affairs Division (Information Brochure); among others.