Office of the Registrar


The establishment of SERVCOM Unit became effective in August 2012 in compliance with the directives of Federal Government of Nigeria. This is with the notion that public service is about the people. Public service is the only contact which citizens have with government. The primary purpose of government is to improve quality of life of citizens. To do therefore, public institutions have an inescapable social obligation to render service. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as well as the instruments establishing the various Ministries and extra-ministerial Departments and Agencies clearly spelt out their functions and responsibilities, all of which gravitate to SERVICOM provision.

Up to 2004 when the federal government decided to introduce holistic reforms in the public service, the public service has not been able to live up to expectation of citizens in service delivery. Services are poor in quality, and service providers are indifferent to customers’ needs. Inequality is high, as only the affluent are accessible to quality services and attention. Institutional arrangement is cumbersome, confusing and wasteful. Hence the loss of public confidence in the public service. It was in order to address the problem and improve the quality of service to Nigerians that the Federal Executives Council, in March 2004, established SERVICOM.

SERVICOM is an acronym for Service Compact With All Nigerians. It is an initiative put in place by government to ensure that public business is conducted timely, efficiently and effectively. The initiative concerns two principal elements: the service provider and the customer (service receiver). A lot of questions are being asked, sometimes cynically, of the real meaning and message of SERVICOM. SERVICOM is all about effective and efficient service delivery. The message is simple: that one should do what one ought to do and at the time it ought to be done. We are either giving service or receiving service. It is unfair to receive quality service somewhere (from the bank, SERVICOM office etc.) but fail to deliver good service in one’s own service window. The SERVICOM golden rule is “serve others as you would like to be served”.


  • Master minding charter formulation, implementation and review.

  • Identification of all service windows in the University and making them effective.

  • Installation of SERVICOM Complaint Boxes at different strategic locations on campus and regular examinations of public positions of University service.

  • Organization/implementations of Lectures and Seminars coupled with invitation of Speakers of Relevance (Sensitization Programmes).

  • Regular observatory visit to Schools, Departments Directorate and Units.

  • Regular visits to different arms of the University to monitor different services.

  • Ensuring transparent appraisal system.

  • Ensuring appointment and promotion based on merit.

  • Ensuring speedy and transparent responses to requests and enquiries.

  • Ensuring competitive recruitment of staff and admission of students.

  • Ensuring sustainable customer relations/grievance redress mechanism

  • Ensuring best practices in teaching, research and community services.

  • Speedy consideration and recommendations to Management on complaints from staff. Students and other stakeholders.

  • Ensuring corrupt free financial administration and office management.

  • Ensuring the principle of emotional intelligence in attending to requests and complaints.

  • Ensuring adherence to basic tenets of courtesy, fairness and respect in dealing with different publics that encapsulate the University.

  • Ensuring adequate respect for the constituted authorities of the University.

  • Regular presence at University Academic, administrative and Ceremonial functions and presentation of observations and recommendations to management for further improvement.

  • Giving adequate support to security outfits of the University in terms of advices and information.

  • Making all officials of the University in different arms to be at alert and on their toes.

  • Performs all such other functions that are reasonably incidental as and when due.

  • Executing all such other duties as assigned by Vice-Chancellor and Management at point in time.


The University SERVICOM Unit has a service charter which is a potent tool strategically designed to meet the requirements for implementation of excellent service and a good guide to: service providers, service consumers and other stakeholders of the Federal University of Technology, Akure. The service charter also lends credence to the University’s vision, mission and objectives and serves as a basis of accrediting and observing our services with a view to generating reports, encouraging feedbacks and sustaining good relationships between FUTA and her numerous stakeholders from different publics both at home and in the Diaspora.


The complaint procedure is built on the desire to improve service, and correct faulty systems based on feedback received from customers. Various platforms are therefore available for ease of complaint and response to grievances. Such platforms include but not limited to interpersonal correspondences in form of letters etc, facebook and twitter.


Level 1: SERVICOM Unit

Complaints should be:

  • Reported or submitted in person to Complaints Desk Officer (CDO) at the SERVOCIM office

  • Dropped into any suggestion box located anywhere on campus

  • Submitted online at:


    • facebook page at FUTA SERVICOM

  • communicated to Complaints Desk Officer via 08037454504

    • complaints shall be acknowledged within 24hours

    • intended actions shall be communicated to complainants within 48hours

    • any complaint shall be resolved on or before the expiration of two weeks

    Incase a complainant is unsatisfied or the complaint is unresolved, he/she can contact

    The Focal Officer, SERVICOM Unit,

    Office of the Vice-Chancellor,

    Federal University of Technology, Akure

    Phone: 08037454504

    Incase a complainant is still unsatisfied or the case is yet to be resolved, he/she can contact the next level:

    Level 2:

    The Vice-Chancellor,

    Federal University of Technology,

    P.M.B. 704, Akure


    The challenges faced by the University go a long way in affecting the services of the SERVICOM Unit. These include, but not limited to the following:

  • Government policies in respect of administration, schedules and conditions of service, funding and industrial relations.

  • Inadequate funding from government

  • Limited Internally Generated Revenue

  • Inadequate Students Accommodation

  • Geometric increase in student population thus stressing the extant facilities and resulting in higher staff/student ratio

  • Inadequate infrastructure for teaching and research such as Lecture theatres, Laboratories, Classrooms and Offices.

  • However, inspite of the above, the SERVICOM Unit will continue to strive to ensure that FUTA renders quality services in order to achieve excellence service delivery.